Writing Seminars

Is it possible to expect too much from a free writing seminar?  Does that defeat the purpose of even attending?  After attending a free seminar last night, I would answer yes to both of those questions.  The seminar was the third in a series of four presented by the Utah Arts Council.  I did not attend the first two, but the third one was on “Creative Writers and the Web” and the announcement specifically mentioned literary blogs.  I decided to attend expecting that I would hear some tips I could use to improve my blog, and in that respect I was disappointed.  The only mention of blogs was simply a recommendation to start one.  We were given pages of references of online journals and websites to visit, yet not one listing was for a literary blog.  Personally I would have appreciated more advice on blogging and less demonstrating how an avatar can fly in Second Life, but that’s just me!  Which is really the point: my expectations tainted my impressions of the event.  I probably should have held lower expectations for a free seminar.  There are plenty of resources available for upgrading a literary blog which I can and will research without the assistance of three (likely uncompensated) panelists.  I did get some questions answered by the panelists, and I appreciate the Utah Arts Council for presenting these free seminars.  To their credit, the room was overflowing with 50+ people (that’s both the attendance as well as the average age of attendants).  And although I came away with nothing particularly useful to me as a writer, I did take away a couple of things I can use as a book buyer.  Did it meet my expectations?  No, but it clarified what my expectations reasonably ought to be, and that is a lesson that everyone needs from time to time!


One Response to “Writing Seminars”

  1. One of my coworkers, an engineer type, expressed his theory on satisfaction in life as an equation. Satisfaction = Performance / Expectations. The key to increasing satisfaction is to lower expectations. Now I just have to get my wife on board with that theory!

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