Book Dreams

The Duma Key by Stephen KingOne of my recent dreams was inspired by People of the Book, which I’ve read, The Duma Key, which I haven’t, and that jordan girl’s lyric journal. I was looking at a painting of a waterfront; I’m certain it was a painting because I could see the textures of the brush strokes. The color palette was in keeping with the Florida Keys, but that wasn’t the only aspect that resembles Stephen King’s latest novel. I’ll get to that. The vantage point of the painting was right about sea level, not too far from the shore. I could see some details under the water, the chunky waves, a weathered old fishing boat in the left foreground with a span of beach behind it, a dock in the right foreground with a shack behind it, and kitschy white clouds in a blue sky overhead. Here’s where the scene from People of the Book comes in: looking closer, I could see words painted on every surface of the painting. Words on waves, words on the wooden planks of the boat and the dock, words on the wind. I don’t remember what any of the words were, but after a moment I realized that they were lyrics. The final detail I noticed is what gave the painting its apocalyptic vibe: a man was under the dock, trapped by the rising tide. Upon closer inspection, I recognized the man as myself! When I supervised shipping and receiving at the store there were times when I felt like I was trying to push the tide away from the dock, but I didn’t have a dream like this until I moved to the book department! Has anyone else had a dream this visceral and attributable to specific books that they would care to share?


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