MistbornA couple of days ago, for reasons unknown, I decided to deviate from my reading list and started reading The God of Small Things by Arundhati Roy (I also need to amend my list to include Brandon Sanderson’s Mistborn trilogy). Roy introduces her protagonists, Estha and Rahel, twins who share a “Siamese soul,” at the same age (31) at which their mother died. Roy goes on to describe the age of 31 as “Not young. Not old. A viable die-able age.” I just happened to be reading this on the morning of my thirty-first birthday. Is that merely an alarming coincidence or fate? I wasn’t planning on reading this book anytime soon, let alone on my birthday while waiting to go out to breakfast with my wife. What are the odds of this being a random occurrence versus that of it being a portent? Who can say? All I know is it’s a curious event worth adding to my blog!


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