Universal Appeal

After reading a healthy dose of non-fiction, I’m ready for another science fiction binge. Coincidentally, one of yesterday’s new releases was The Host by Stephenie Meyer. I’m one of the minority of readers in Utah who has not read her immensely popular Twilight series for young adults, so I had no expectations that might affect my opinion of her first book for adults. I checked out a copy yesterday and began reading it on my lunch break.

As a bookseller, one is forced to accept the realization that not every book is right for every reader. A good bookseller is a matchmaker in a sense, using their first-hand knowledge to match the right book to the right reader. A book can be like one of Meyer’s alien souls, moving in and taking possession of the reader’s mind. Sometimes the soul and its host are a good match, and other times they are not. This book is not a good match for me. I do not doubt that it will be right for many, many people, but I will have to remain in the minority on this one. I read the first 90 pages before deciding to stop. Rather than reading Meyer, I am turning to another LDS writer of science fiction: Brandon Sanderson. I enjoyed his Elantris and have successfully matched it to other readers. His Mistborn series has been steadily moving up my reading list, and I’m ready to see if it is a match.


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