Quick and Dirty

I’m afraid I must confess that I succumbed to temptation; an alluring alternative was available, and I crumbled. I set aside The Golden Bough and picked up Lullaby by Chuck Palahniuk. Back when my friend Ryan and I produced a ‘zine we called Out.Rage.Us, I thought I’d be clever and name drop this book in my mission statement without actually reading it first. Turns out I may not have realized just how clever I was; one of the themes of Lullaby descries the proliferation of mass media and the constant barrage of information and noise in our degraded culture. Not a bad tie-in for our ‘zine after all!

I must admit that it made me feel guilty about listening to my iPod while reading on the commuter train, though. I would not have felt guilty about using the culling song on the passenger seated across from me who removed his shoes and stretched his legs out so that his holey-stockinged feet repeatedly bumped mine, however! He would have made headlines as the first person to die on the new FrontRunner train, and my personal space would have remained inviolate! The narrator of Lullaby, a journalist who uses the nom de plume Carl Streator, utilizes the culling song (an old African lullaby reprinted in a book of poems from around the world) to remedy just this sort of daily inconvenience.

Reading Lullaby is an experience similar to the carnival rides favored by one of its’ characters: it’s disorienting, exhilarating, fast, and it leaves you a touch queasy afterwards. I enjoyed the first half of the book more than the later half, so I’ll take that as a warning to steer clear of Haunted, but I’m sure I’ll read more Palahniuk, prior to making references to him, preferably!


One Response to “Quick and Dirty”

  1. I know I’m just getting around to writing this reply now, but I’ve just started Lullaby and I’m not sure how I feel about it yet. I’m finding it hard to get into. I’m trying to hurry so I can re-read Invisible Monsters because that has completely been my favorite Palahniuk book so far.

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