Epic Ending: The Hero of Ages review

When I asked Brandon Sanderson what creative control he had over the artwork for the covers of his novels he said that he had little say in the matter, but he did request that The Hero of Ages, the third and final book in the Mistborn series, be given a cover with more of an epic feel.  Judging a cover by its book, the artwork isn’t epic enough!  The world of ash and mist has reached its zenith and utter destruction is imminent.  The magnitude of the peril that has encompassed Vin and the empire she protects is not completely conveyed in the scene depicted on the cover, although it is a scene of tremendous impact!  I’m in awe of the magnitude of planning that Sanderson put into this series.  As things fell into place and many (but not all) secrets were revealed, I got the sense that the series was written in reverse order, all portents culminating in a truly epic ending.  Sanderson’s writing has a tendency to be repetitious and the phrase “homicidal hat trick” seems out of place in a society that doesn’t play hockey, but those are very minor flaws and are easily offset by his exceptional depth and inventiveness.  Sanderson has demonstrated he has the planning capability necessary to finish Robert Jordan’s Wheel of Time series, and I look forward to his next original series!


3 Responses to “Epic Ending: The Hero of Ages review”

  1. Cow Exploder Says:

    This was, without a doubt, one of the best conclusions to an SF trilogy that I’ve ever read. There were several parts in the first two books that I thought were a bit unusual, either because I thought they were complete digressions or poorly written attempts to add dimension to other characters. The third book not only makes up for the unusual parts, but completely justifies them as part of the main plot!

    Any other book that ended in the same way as this would seem artificial and the ending would seem a “deux ex machina.” However, because it becomes clear that Sanderson planned all things from the very beginning, it ends up being wonderful – a complete revelation that makes you hit your head and think, “Why didn’t I see that coming?” In reality, it would have been hard to see unless you’re really familiar with Sanderson’s writing.

    I look forward to final Robert Jordan book, as well as Sanderson’s next original works.

  2. […] The Way of Kings is Sanderson’s best book yet, but Tor held off publishing it until after the Mistborn series for good reason. It would be a daunting first-time read. Devoted readers of Robert Jordan, Frank […]

  3. I agree that this book was indeed epic. This trilogy will go down as an all time favorite. Just a comment on the “homicidal hat trick” line you pointed out. I thought that at first as well, however, I read on Sanderson’s web site (in the HoA chapter annotations) that you sentiment was also brought up by the editor/reader group. Sanderson argued that it should be kept because the phrase that was used years ago in the ninteenth century. He cited some text. It’s not strictly related to Hockey. So, for whatever that’s worth.

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