The Genius Is In

Today our computer department is hosting one of its’ Apple Tax Free days.  They already sell Apple products at discounted academic pricing, but on certain outstanding occassions Apple is magnanimous enough to pay the sales tax on purchases in the store.  These are obviously significant events, drawing so much traffic from all over the university’s campus that additional shuttle buses are scheduled to handle the demand.  The timing of today’s event is advantageous for us, as we are promoting John Wiley & Sons new line of Portable Genius books for Apple products!  We ordered sizable quantities of the five titles currently available to create a display with enough impact, and our rep Tom Carney provided the finishing touch: free t-shirts!  These highly coveted black t-shirts with the slogan “The genius is in” are free with the purchase of any portable genius book.  No sales tax and a free t-shirt?  You don’t have to be a genius to take advantage of an opportunity this appealing!


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