Extreme Pumpkins

extreme-pumpkins1I may be the only blogger out there still writing about Halloween on Election Day, but I voted early on Halloween, so the swap makes sense!  Besides, who really wants to read anything more about the campaign beyond which candidate finally silenced the other?  Personally I’m hoping the results resemble the cover image of this book, but that’s more than enough about politics!

Every year our store hosts a pumpkin carving contest with some pretty impressive results, so this year when my Penguin rep Eric Boss, a carving enthusiast himself, showed me Extreme Pumpkins and the follow up Extreme Pumpkins II I knew I had the makings of a solid promotion.  Fans of Tom Nardone’s website are already familiar with his creative carving, but books based on websites work for cats, so why not pumpkins?  I brought in good quantities of both titles which sold so well off of our counter that I had to reorder to stock the actual display.  Sales actually slowed between the transition from counter to display, but we had a nice seasonal promotion, complete with more free t-shirts!


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