Alcatraz is Back!

scriveners-bonesThe anti-heroic autobiographer Alcatraz Smedry returns with a new supporting cast in Alcatraz Versus the Scrivener’s Bones (ostensibly) by Brandon Sanderson!  There are new Smedrys with new talents – meet Kazan, the uncle with the ability to get lost, and Australia, the cousin with the gift of waking up looking hideous!  Alcatraz isn’t the only one with family members crawling out of the glasswork – Bastille’s mother Draulin is also along for the ride in the glass Dragonaut!  This motley crew travels all the way to the Library of Alexandria to face new foes, the ghostly curators of Alexandria and the ghastly Scrivener’s Bones, and to find Alcatraz’s grandfather, Leavenworth Smedry, who is on the trail of his long lost son Attica, Alcatraz’s father!  Can Leavenworth, whose talent is arriving late, catch up to Attica before he sells his soul to the curators in exchange for the stores of knowledge held in the Library of Alexandria?  Can Alcatraz escape from the insidious clutches of the Scrivener’s Bones without sacrificing one of his friends?  Can you wait for the third Alcatraz book to come out?


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