The Comet’s Curse review

comets-curseThe Comet’s Curse is the first book in the Galahad series by Denver DJ Dom Testa.  The series has been acquired by Tor Books, which will release The Comet’s Curse on January 20th.  This is a science fiction series for young adults about 251 teenage colonists who depart Earth after particles from a passing comet pollute the atmosphere, poisoning all inhabitants over the age of 18.  With the little time remaining to the human race, a scientist leads a mission to construct a spaceship, the Galahad, capable of sustaining life for a five year journey, and to select the 251 teenagers capable of manning the ship and continuing the species on a planet in another solar system.  A global search for the best and the brightest is conducted, and a council is appointed to lead them.  The council is representative of the diversity of the crew, and are the main characters of the book.  If the ship’s five year mission and international crew remind readers of the original Star Trek series it’s probably not a coincidence!  And like Captain Kirk, the ship’s leader is involved in some romantic entanglements, but that’s to be expected from a 16-year-old girl sealed inside a co-ed space cruiser!  This is a book for teens who may or may not be fooled by the head fake Testa gives them during the first on-board crisis (I wasn’t).  It’s also a great lead off for a promising series.  The trip to their new home will take five years, but The Comet’s Curse covers only the launch and the first few months of the mission.  Testa has a steady hand with pacing, moving the story along without rushing the action, including the inevitable romances that will ebb and flow like lunar orbits.


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