The Kiss Murder review

kiss-murderThis book is a departure from the previous three books I have read and reviewed (note the total lack of any type of spacecraft on the cover).  It’s also a departure from my norm: I don’t read much mystery.  I read The Kiss Murder because I will be meeting Mehmet Murat Somer at a reception at the ABA’s Winter Institute at the end of the month.  After reading the book I’m not sure what to expect at this reception.  Transvestites?  Thai kick-boxing?  An Audrey Hepburn film retrospective?  The Kiss Murder truly is a mystery!

Narrated by a computer programmer/transvestite club owner who never provides his or her names, this is a gender and mind-bending mystery.  She never gives her name, but she provides multiple names (combined with terms of respect and affection) for many of the other characters, and I found myself losing track of some in the labyrinth of Istanbul.  Like its narrator, this book is slim but packs a deceptive wallop!  Perhaps that is what I should be expecting at this upcoming reception!


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