Captain Freedom review

captain-freedom1For all of its unconventional prowess, the superhero trope has a tough time standing on its head. That is what G. Xavier Robillard has attempted to do with Captain Freedom with only middling success. There are some amusing elements to the story, as one would expect from an online humor writer, yet the overall effect is somewhat like watching a middle-aged man trying to win a bet by standing on his head. You might chuckle the first few times he tips over, but eventually your attention drifts away from this self-described “fame whore.”


2 Responses to “Captain Freedom review”

  1. Here’s what I think of your review of Captain Freedom. It is wholly without merit, not clear that you read it, Harper-Collins disagrees with you, as do a ton of real comedy writers unlike yourself.

    • jaclemens Says:

      You appear to be a proponent of the book, although you don’t actually say as much. Am I to assume you are one of the real comedy writers (a group to which I never applied)? I am under no obligation to enjoy every title HarperCollins produces. I thought I would enjoy this one, which is why I read it (and I did read it). Some parts cracked me up, but overall I thought the book missed its mark.

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