Blood And Ice review

Blood and Ice In his writing workshops Brandon Sanderson talks about strange attractors.  This entails taking two familiar yet dissimilar story elements and combining them to create an original story that is still accessible.  The best examples are movies: think The Lion King meets Gladiator.  Are you not entertained?  Blood And Ice by Robert Masello is another excellent example.  Vampires at the South Pole.  Is that a strange attractor or what?  A journalist (like Masello himself) is sent on assignment to a research station in Antarctica.  While there he inadvertently discovers two people, a man and a woman, frozen in the ice.  The couple is brought back to the station for examination, but all is not as it seems.  Though they have been frozen for over a century, they aren’t dead.  They’re undead.  They are also primary characters, with full histories and psychologies.  Even vampirism is approached scientifically at a research station, and this adds another interesting angle to the vampire mythos.  Ranging from the British Empire to the Crimean War in the past to the Pacific Northwest and ultimately to Antarctica in the present, this is a well researched vampire tale.  An editor should drive a wooden stake through some deplorable phrases of the “it was a challenge, and he liked a challenge” variety, but this is an interesting and entertaining story of the vampire variety.  ‘Blood And Ice is a good yarn’ may sound a bit strange at first, but then most strange attractors do.


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