Richmond Noir review

I don’t typically delve into noir, but where Kelly Justice and Dennis Danvers lead in Richmond, I will follow! Even if that means skulking down the alleys “colored with seamy urban romance and suave big-city vice, the twin elements most responsible for the seductive throb at the murky heart of noir,” as described in the foreword by Tom Robbins (an author I’ve been meaning to read). Edited by Andrew Blossom, Brian Castleberry, and Tom De Haven (who also contributed the story “Playing with DaBlonde”), Richmond Noir takes a street-level view of a city steeped in mystery as well as history.  Richmond is a pivotal setting in my novel-in-progress Grandpa Art, and I was grateful for this glimpse at the underside of the various regions of this great city. My characters will likely hail from the suburban counties mentioned by the editors in the insightful introduction rather than the city proper, but overlooking this aspect of the city’s complex character would rob my story of a much-needed local flavor!


One Response to “Richmond Noir review”

  1. I loved, loved this book. Finally, so many of my favorite writers in one book. And it was a magical night for the reading. We are so very fortunate in Richmond to have so many talented authors!

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