Glass-Shattering Revelation

Book One of the Stormlight Archive has the Shattered Plains, while Book Four of the Alcatraz series has the Shattered Lens. Were the Towers of Midnight shattered in Wheel of Time #13/A Memory of Light #2? Brandon Sanderson had all three books released in 2010, with Alcatraz Versus the Shattered Lens being the last (and least talked about) of the three. It’s also the last book of the series to be published by Scholastic, although it is not the final Alcatraz book (how could it be after the glass-shattering revelation it contains?).

Shattered jests aside, this book actually has more in common with the Writing Excuses podcast Sanderson co-hosts with Dan Wells and Howard Tayler. The “teddy bear on the mantle”, dialog without tags (but with pirates), and dialog cribbed from Hamlet all point to Brandon’s brand of helpful and humorous advice for new writers. I wonder if he could get Alcatraz Smedry as a guest on the podcast?


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