I was born in the heyday of Michigan football under Bo Schembechler. The Wolverines won the final three battles of the Ten Year War, tied for the Big Ten championship each year, and made three consecutive trips to the Rose Bowl (where they lost). Bo led the program successfully for another 10 years and retired at the conclusion of the 1989 season (following another Rose Bowl defeat). I didn’t come into my own as a Michigan fan until the heady days of 1991. By then Bo’s longtime assistant Gary Moeller had taken over. Elvis Grbac was throwing passes to Heisman Trophy-winner Desmond Howard, Greg Skrepenak was opening holes for fleet-footed freshman Tyrone Wheatley, and Erick Anderson tackled his way to the Butkus Award. That team went undefeated in conference play, crushed Ohio State, and, in true Blue fashion, lost the Rose Bowl.

I’ve followed Michigan through the highs – the national championship that eluded Bo was finally won by Lloyd Carr in 1997 – and the lows – Rich Rodriguez posting the worst season in the school’s proud history (beginning with a loss to Utah) – ever since. I look forward to the beginning of the Brady Hoke era, but in the meantime I enjoyed looking back at the icon that was BO.


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  1. jaclemens Says:

    Lloyd Carr was elected to the College Football Hall of Fame today!

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