A Time to Cast Away Stones

The Stress of Her Regard by Tim Powers is one of my favorite books, so I was decidedly intrigued when I learned that he had written a postscript novella, A Time to Cast Away Stones. Tachyon Publications has released a new collection of stories by Powers, including the novella, entitled The Bible Repairman and Other Stories. I was tempted to jump straight to the end to read the novella, but I opted to save the best for last. Upon reading I found that the introduction by the author and his comments on each story’s inception may in fact be the best part of this fascinating collection! The stories are wonderful (I particularly enjoyed “A Soul in a Bottle”), but the aspiring author in me was thrilled with the vignettes which accompanied each tale. The notion that a story could originate with the author’s frustration at being born two years after the death of a celebrated poet appealed to the creative-destructive dark vein in me.

Powers found inspiration in the exploits of Edward John Trelawny for A Time to Cast Away Stones. Trelawny was acquainted with Byron and Shelley, and made an appearance in The Stress of Her Regard. He greatly embellished his own role in history, so it is fitting that Powers took one of his truly unusual adventures and incorporated it into the supernatural realm of the nephelim. Just as The Stress of Her Regard prompted me to read the works of Keats, Byron, and Shelley, so A Time to Cast Away Stones has piqued my curiosity in Powers’ as-yet-untitled new novel featuring Trelawny in his later years.


3 Responses to “A Time to Cast Away Stones”

  1. Thanks to Charlene Brusso of Tachyon Publications for bringing this terrific collection to my attention!

  2. I just purchased this, and am suddenly inbetween books. .. . maybe I’ll pick it up tonight!

  3. jaclemens Says:

    Congratulations to Tim Powers and Tachyon Publications on winning the World Fantasy Award for a Collection!

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