Court Summons

“What evil lurks in the stab wounds to the heart of a woman who should be deceased, not possessed?” That is the riddle Matthew Swift must unravel after he is unwittingly summoned into a burning building and finds his conjoined selves lying in a pool of another person’s blood. That person turns out to be Swift’s compatriot Oda, who asks him to help her, and to kill her. Someone else has clearly made an attempt at the latter, but Oda is unnaturally clinging to life. Oda, otherwise known to Swift as “Psycho-bitch,” has threatened to kill Swift for being a sorcerer on numerous occasions, but on this occasion she is requesting her death at his marked hands. Swift’s hands are marked because he is the Midnight Mayor, and, as such, he is drawn into not only burning buildings, but is also embroiled by his office’s treaty in the conflict between the Neon Court and the Tribe, two diametrically opposed factions with a longstanding feud that has boiled over. Then Oda’s eyes take on the look of boiled pudding, and to meet her gaze is to meet your own encephelo-exsanguination. If that weren’t enough, Swift is caught between the projection of his dead mentor, Mr. Bakker, and his new apprentice, Penny. It all adds up to one hellishly long day in court for the Midnight Mayor!


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