The Profession

Another war novel, albeit from an entirely different theater. The Profession is set in 2032, when strife in Iraq and neighboring nations has given rise to professional mercenaries. Highly trained and privately funded, these mercenary forces are able to respond to terrorist threats employing methods that no national military would ever approve. There is no holding back; retribution is swift and total. Terror is combated with terror. The American republic cannot condone these actions, but the American public is content to sit back and watch their enemies get a taste of their own medicine. When the mercenary commander and his coalition of backers set their sights on rivals foreign and domestic, it’s up to one of his most loyal lieutenants to draw a line in the sand.

There are a number of parallels that can be drawn between this novel and my novel-in-progress – the year 2032, the wars in Iraq, the unrest in the U.S. that foments political upheaval – which is the reason I read it. Pressfield takes an entirely different approach than I have, and it was worth seeing the issues from a former Marine’s perspective.


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