Out of Order

I read The Angel’s Game and The Shadow of the Wind out of order, although, according to the preface to The Prisoner of Heaven, the cycle can be read in any order. After reading The Prisoner of Heaven I read The Angel’s Game again, then re-read The Prisoner of Heaven. I’ve read each of the books twice, and thus, as stated in my review of The Shadow of the Wind, am able to make comparisons between the three. I still like The Angel’s Game the most, which discom- fited me while reading The Prisoner of Heaven and caused my intercessory reading of it. The most recent book bridges the two earlier books, but in doing so it extricates the supernatural element that I find so appealing in The Angel’s Game. I see why it is necessary to graft another twisting branch to the tree that is the Cemetery of Forgotten Books, but it sapped the strength from the other limbs.


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