Never-Ending Spring

Waking LandI stumbled on my reading plan last year.  I was on pace, reading two books from my 2008 list each month, and then April rolled around.  Spring brought a fresh crop of new releases, and I was lured away from my plan like Dorothy in a field of poppies!  I wandered about in waking lands of shadows and lost my way.  I may have found the answer to why so many books from 2008 persisted on my list into 2017 (now 2018): new releases!

homerdonutmachineOne of the challenges of being a book buyer is keeping up with a never-ending spring of new releases.  Granted, it’s a first-world problem that any avid reader would love to have, but it’s not good for you to consume an endless supply of your favorite treat.  Reading a healthy dose of backlist books helps to keep you from getting backed up!

20180105_124722I sprinkled in a couple more 2008 books into my reading last year, but in the end I only moved a third of them from to-read to read.  In the fall, I inflicted myself with a new challenge: graduate school.  I started taking Library and Information Science classes online from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee.  That dried up my reading of backlist books and new releases alike.  I fit in some reading during the holiday break, but classes start again on Monday.  I set a lower goal for 2018, knowing that my studies have to come first, and so far I am on track in the new year!


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