Books by J.A. Clemens

og_cover.jpgMy first book, Orlando and Geoffrey, was published in 2005 by PublishAmerica. Multiple books have been written about Orlando, a paladin in Charlemagne’s service, beginning in France with The Song of Roland, which is an account of his demise. A trio of Italian poets picked up the character, each in turn writing new adventures for Orlando and his peers. I have done likewise in Orlando and Geoffrey. Told in an alternating first person narrative, this is an account of the adventures Orlando embarks on when Geoffrey, a hunter from the British Empire, comes to the shores of the Caspian Sea in search of a trophy kill but finds an entirely unexpected trophy instead: a giant with impenetrable skin and the unstoppable sword Durindana. It is Orlando reborn! The unlikely pair set off traveling together and find themselves attempting to rescue a kingdom of wood nymphs from an unnamed Terror! Orlando and Geoffrey is available at among other sites (and at the Campus Store, naturally!).

Orlando and Geoffrey will be followed by a sequel, Orlando Imperiled, in which Orlando will square off against three dreadful foes, and The Gergovannon, a creation myth along the lines of The Silmarillion, which will explain how Orlando came to be reborn with metal skin. Those projects are being held in development while I focus on Grandpa Art, a science fiction novel about a utopian society that curtails the emotional experiences of its’ citizens, reducing them to a less-than-human state.


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  1. I read a translation of The Song of Roland around 25 years ago but I’ve only come across the character once since then. It was in a SF novel but I can’t recall what book it was. Maybe PJ Farmer’s series about the Riverworld where everyone from Earth was reborn at the same time.

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