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Only One

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Chasing the ProphecyThere’s only one way to overthrow the evil emperor Maldor, and it’s not the secret word – it is Chasing the Prophecy. The word with the power to unmake Maldor was a hoax he propagated; what if the prophecy is more of the same? That is a question the embattled characters must settle as they undertake the diverging quests set out by the prophetess. It’s one thing to decipher clues and follow maps that have been left for you, but the ultimate question is what do you believe?

Brandon Mull has sown seeds of doubt as well as seeds of rebellion. This is imperative to increase the tension of the plot against Maldor. The rebellion wouldn’t know how to proceed without the prophecy, but a surefire means of success removes the anxiety from the attempt and the meaning from the requisite sacrifices. The prophecy promises no certain victory, proclaiming that this is only one possible path to the desired outcome. “Only one” is a recurring mantra in this book, as it tends to be whenever a prophecy is involved. The characters may doubt the veracity of the prophecy, but the reader knows it will be fulfilled. As a result there was only one surprise that really floored me. That shocking sacrifice didn’t save anyone, but it saved the book in my displaced eyes!


Plant the Seed

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Seeds of Rebellion builds upon the first Beyonders book, A World Without Heroes. It goes well beyond comparisons to the Chronicles of Narnia: this book reminds me of Fellowship of the Ring (not The Two Towers, mind you), Star Trek (of the never-beam-down-in-a-red-shirt variety), A Wise Man’s Fear (second book in the Kingkiller Chronicle), Eragon (Brandon Mull and Christopher Paolini will be appearing together in Bozeman on Thursday), and other popular graphic novels/tv series that I’d rather not spoil. In Mull’s fertile imagination these seeds grow into a new breed of story, with unique flora, fauna, and phobia!

Enter the Hippo

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A World Without Heroes, the first book in a highly anticipated new series by Brandon Mull, came out this spring, but I wasn’t able to get to it until the end of the year. Which puts me that much closer to Seeds of Rebellion, the next book in the Beyonders series, I suppose! This series is more like The Chronicles of Narnia than the Fablehaven series, but that shouldn’t be a deterrent for fans of Mull’s fanciful imagination. Taking two regular kids into an irregular world opens all kinds of new doors to explore – the doors alone are unusual – as Jason arrives in Lyrian by way of falling into a hippo’s gaping maw. Once there he meets Rachel, a Beyonder like himself, who traveled a different route to the same destination. When they are unable to reverse course and return home, the only path left is to seek out the word of power that will undo Maldor, the evil emperor. Maldor has crippled or corrupted any would-be-hero who opposed him, but Jason and Rachel don’t want to be heroes; they just want to get home. The setting and abilities may be fantastic, but the characters are driven by realistic goals, and that is what gives Mull’s words power over his readers.

Complete Set

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For Take Your Child to a Bookstore Day on December 4th I took one of mine to a booksigning by Brandon Mull, author of the Fablehaven series and the forthcoming Beyonders series. My son and I have both read all of the wonderful Fablehaven books (which we have in hardcover, signed by Mull), and we are looking forward to the release of A World Without Heroes (Beyonders #1) in March 2011!