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Heavy is the Head

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Matthew Swift is no Henry IV, but his head is uneasy all the same. It’s already occupied by the blue electric angels, and now he has to wrap it around the minutiae of being the Midnight Mayor. Swift was tagged to replace the outgoing (i.e. deceased) mayor in book two of this series, but it’s taken some time for him to settle into the role. Officiating is not his forte, so he allows the Aldermen to handle the majority of running the city. But when he discovers that a Minority Council has mucked it up behind his back, Swift must ferret out the members who have double-crossed the Midnight Mayor. While Swift is busy learning to be more mayoral we get to see him be more human, which makes this fourth book seem more like the first.

The grave burden of governance is also a theme in Thor & Loki: Blood Brothers, written by Robert Rodi with ethereal illustrations by Esad Ribic. In the smash hit movie The Avengers Thor tells Loki that the throne would suit him ill; in Blood Brothers Loki learns the truth of those words. Having defeated Thor and deposed Odin, Loki claims the throne of Asgard. To rule is not in his nature, however. Loki would be more comfortable bound in chains with a serpent dripping venom in his eyes than seated upon the throne before a throng of petitioners. Assuming the throne does not make someone fit to wear the crown.