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Feel Good Nation

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These books say it all!




The Book Catalog Scourge

Posted in New release with tags , , on June 24, 2008 by jaclemens

I love books. I enjoy browsing through bookstores with tens of thousands of books on their shelves. Why is it then that I dread looking through book catalogs? It doesn’t matter if it is small or large (although some of the voluminous distributor catalogs are especially heinous), I just can’t get excited about going through a book catalog. Taking something you love and turning it into a chore is a fate worse than death. Hyperbole? Come look at the ever-growing stack of catalogs on my desk before you pronounce judgment. I like my sales reps, but I don’t care for their catalogs. In only 20 work days this month I have 12 rep appointments scheduled (two being two-part appointments because the reps had so many catalogs to show me). That is going overboard in my opinion, yet it says nothing of the number of catalogs that show up in the mail daily. I figure I have to humor a sales rep who travels here by reviewing each and every one of their lines, but I have no obligation to a catalog without a rep! I’ve looked through so many catalogs recently I can’t recall which titles are coming out from what press. I think that is the reason that the only books that have made any impression on me this season are things like Obamamania!: The English Language, Barackified, Pets with Tourette’s, and Stuff White People Like: it helps me remember that looking at books should be fun! If the publishing houses would send that reminder to their own marketing departments, we might see some tolerable catalogs in the near future. Online catalogs as elucidated by Arsen Kashkashian in his blog posted on June 10th would be even better.